About me

A successful cooperation starts with listening.

My secret behind your success

We often speak about “success“ as there would exist a consistent definition. Thereby success must be seen as individual for every human being and every company.

A huge step in the direction of success is made, when initially complex seeming issues and error-prone processes can be reduced and made comprehensible.

Empathy coupled with the necessary decision-making ability at the right spot can turn visions into reality – YOUR visions!

My education

  • Diploma and Doctoral Studies Engineering, Vienna University of Technology
  • MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vienna University of Economics

Career stages

  • MAGNA Steyr Engineering Center Steyr, Product-Development and Finite Element Engineer
  • University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Ltd., University Professor in Engineering
  • Walter Mauser Ltd., Head of R&D
  • University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Ltd., Managing Director
  • FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer Ltd., Managing Director

Structure as a basis

Innovation needs structure. And that not only for a short period. How? Well, in the development the focus is important – the way is not the goal, the result should be the goal instead. To get lost in details is one oft he most recent mistakes in the product development. Together we’ll place your innovative product fast and direct on the market and create the basis for further developments.

My speciality

Close and personal contact is very important and essential for me. Basically you possess the knowledge about your products, their value and the weaknesses. But how can this knowledge turn into success? My speciality is to develop this in cooperation with you. New challenges do not only demand know how, they need a fine sense for people, their actions, strength of implementation, rapidity and flexibility.

In the field

To earn more money through research and development sounds very simple. But how can this intention be sufficiently achieved and how can it contribute to long-term success? All development stages and the product life cycle have to be analysed, failure potential has to be avoided and the product features have to be defined.

Together we turn your visions into reality.
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