Business plan for companies – do you want to get to the top too?

Business plan for companies – do you want to get to the top too?

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 19. January 2018


Every company needs to have one. It forms the basis of structured corporate planning and is essential for investors in the identification of financing potential. We are of course talking of the business plan. Whenever a financier takes a look at this bible of your company, a decision is taken within seconds as to whether money should or should not flow. In this context, I can introduce you to a startup that I was recently able to assist with the design of its business plan – and the first thing you should know is that this company really wanted to go places. However, mum’s the word – everything is still top secret!

Technology driver Aerospace industry

It does not occur often that a request for support lands on my desk from a startup in the European aerospace industry. Without doubt, this sector is a key technology for the Europe of the 21st century, and not only because it is founded upon a material of the future. Today, there is huge demand for new, lightweight materials such as high-tensile steel, titanium and carbon. As already described in the article on lightweight construction, a weight saving can deliver huge successes because every gram saved means less use of energy or an increase in payload for the same level of energy use. However, in terms of environment-friendly materials and propellants, the aerospace sector is a technology driver. You see, to take the example of a failed rocket launch, the impact of the resultant explosions on the area surrounding the crash site should be kept to an absolute minimum.

From high-tech to business planning

The high-tech startup that I recently had the opportunity to assist with is very well placed indeed to tackle each of the aforementioned topics: Lightweight construction, strength, manufacturability, recycling and virtually residue-free combustion. The only thing lacking for the research and development require to implement this project, one with real future promise, is this: a financial boost from investors.
Which is precisely where my expertise as a business plan consultant comes into play. The aim is to produce a ‘snappy’ business plan that tells a powerful story, one that impresses its readers. You see, without investors and without implementation, not a single euro, dollar or pound sterling can be earned, and without that, there is no healthy company growth. Unfortunately, right now, this project is still top-secret, which is why I am unable to reveal more – but details will follow soon in another entry in my blog.

You too can benefit from my expertise

Is your company in the process of developing new products or services, or is it already at the end phase of development work? Are you on the lookout for investors? If so, then you need to have a business plan that grabs the reader’s attention from the moment they begin to read it. You see, investors often reach a decision within a matter of seconds as to whether or not it is worth their while to continue reading. Regrettably, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. The key thing however is to demonstrate clearly that you possess comprehensive expertise in every aspect – mechanical, electrical engineering, commercial, technological, organisational and interpersonal.
You may not perhaps know how to provide evidence that you meet these criteria? Then let me be of assistance! Even a short phone conversation with me, which I guarantee would be free of charge, should provide you with initial orientation feedback about your prospects of impressing investors. You only involve me in your success once you have actually got some investors on board.
Well then, why not seize this opportunity and contact me? I look forward to your call on +43 676 956 0164 or to your Skype enquiry (gerhard.pramhas).