Company reorganization through effective organization in product development

Company reorganization through effective organization in product development

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 2. June 2022


Silvering what is to be silvered? Let’s start like this: Why do companies that basically develop and sell good products become restructuring cases in the first place? How do creditors react, how do liquidators react? Do reorganization proceedings include self – administration or not? Sometimes such scenarios can no longer be avoided, but how should they be dealt with?

Questions like these often arise even after a very successful company history. Suddenly there is over-indebtedness or the new products do not perform as expected. In my perception, what can be silvered is then silvered. That is also understandable.

Paradigm shift instead of silvering

My offer in this situation is a paradigm shift. We analyze the value of the product developments and look for solutions to increase the assets of the ailing company. In most cases, I take the first steps by improving project management or innovation management. Not every time the company can be saved, but in some cases it can!

Creditors will certainly want to get back more than just a small quota and the liquidator will also be interested in an increasing enterprise value before the company is wound up. After all, the fee for the liquidation increases with a higher value of the family silver. Perhaps this will also increase the administrator’s fee. Either way, I will also support you in this phase. Feel free to get in touch with me via contact form or contact me on LinkedIn.