Corona-Crisis and the world after it

Corona-Crisis and the world after it

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 5. April 2020

Nearly all enterprises in Austria will be affected severely by the Corona-Crisis. The one or other enterprise will not exist after the crisis anymore. We, the entrepreneurs, should not expect that all things will go back to normal in one or two weeks because that is frankly not going to happen. However, we surely will overcome that crisis. Just as the public authorities, which we finance, think about the matter, it is also believed by us: Cost what it may.

The state, as we are all part of it, will support the Austrian enterprises with different financial aid packages. One of them is extension for taxation payments, payments to the social insurance and contributions to The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. All these measures are good approaches, which will help a lot of people, me too. The idea behind it is simple: The entrepreneurs have money in the account, which they need for urgent business-related expenditures – these should also be used during the challenging Corona-Crisis.

To budget payments: Forbearance is not acquittance.

Let us all help together in order to ensure that the revenues will still exist. But pay attention to: Forbearance is not acquittance. Nevertheless, someday is going to be payday. My advice: Write a list, for which payments you have required forbearances. So, you will still keep postponed payables in mind.

The way out of the (business-) crisis

What can I do now? I am not the state, who is able to refinance himself cheaply on the international financial markets. But I want to share the common risk with you. For a restart, you need every helping hand that is able to quickly and effectively return revenues and profits to the level they were before the Corona-Crisis. You also want to embrace the chance to emerge stronger from the Corona-Crisis, improve the one or other process, simply want to get more effective? No, I am not available as an excuse for dismissals. But I am available, if it is all about how to improve. How? Look at my blog posts. Then, surely something will come up to your mind. If you have any questions, you can either write me at or use the contact form. We will speak about the rest in person.