Digital Enterprise: Reduce expense, increase profit

Digital Enterprise: Reduce expense, increase profit

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 9. March 2017


Process optimization is an inevitable topic in manufacturing companies in preparation for Industry 4.0. Established procedures are getting analyzed and changed, in case associated expenses and costs are too high. Sounds easy, but in fact many operations have already been in a mood of crisis because of the lack of process optimization. I will tackle this phenomen on and support your operation by offering a workshop in September 2017. My goal: Exploiting the full potential of your company!

Let‘s have a look at today: Many companies invest in the newest manufacturing and computer technologies, without analyzing if these technologies are future proof or really match to the company’s requirements. But it is useless to buy a computer-controlled manufacturing center, able to communicate with suppliers automatically and designed for large quantities if the company focuses on small batch series and single item production, doesn‘t have a continuous material flow, and therefore doesn’t require automatic ordering processes – keyword industry 4.0.

Best practice: Toyota

Sales and profits of Toyota speak for themselves. But what have they done? The automobile manufacturer achieved this history by developing the „Toyota Production System (TPS)“. Beginning with their production technology they rolled out lean processes to the whole company. In detail: By various lean principles such as the use of machines in sizes, which are actually required, Toyota is able to manufacture even faster, in high quality, with a big variety at lower costs. But how? What can you learn from Toyota? How can you use this knowhow for your company to increase sales and profit?

The 4Ps are essential for your success and are part of the workshop:

  • Mission statement for long-term corporate strategies
  • Processes leaving everything beside that isn’t adding value
  • People/Partner who respect, challenge and encourage each other
  • Solutions which are continuously improved and long lasting

Find more information about lean development & lean production here and learn about it at my workshop for applying it in your business.

By the way, Digital Enterprise does not mean, to decrease the quantity of your employees. The truth is the other way round. Your demand for employees in all qualifications will increase and you will earn money with them.

Overview of all workshop information

Workshop leader:

Gerhard Pramhas studied at Vienna University of Technology and has been self-employed for more than 4 years and combines the world of theory, the world of science and has industrial experiences in product development and manufactoring.


Upper Austria area (exact location to be announced)


September 2017 (exact date to be announced)


Lean development/ Lean production in practice – exploit the potential of your company in an ideal way!

You are interested in the workshop in September 2017 or you would like to seek advice on the topic Lean development/ Lean production? Get in contact!