Electromobility – the future (part 1)

Electromobility – the future (part 1)

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 23. February 2020

I want to write a blog post that consists of two parts about a crucial transport political topic. The Electromobility. Regarding to a recent article in the newspaper ReadING the most important question is: When is an increase in e-cars possible? Is it even possible with the given and planned circumstances?

In the following I will refer to the lead of the current edition of the newspaper ReadING. Mr. DI Dr. Gagstädter wrote the article concerning electromobility and you can download the newspaper including the lead here.

Realize capability

Engineers like to think in Black Boxes. What goes into a complex technical system and above all, what comes out. This usually allows you to estimate quickly and with usually sufficient accuracy whether the technical solution has potential or not. My approach to this topic is just the same.

Electromobility: Are the goals realistic?

Politicians from Germany want that one million e-cars drive on the streets of Germany from 2020 onwards. Despite the fact, that they have already named this desire in 2008, it is interesting if it is even possible to reach that goal. I do not think so and I totally agree with the author of the lead in that point. He calculates that the required charging current alone would require the construction of 23 coalfired power plants or 35,000 wind turbines. What do these dimensions mean for Austria? I will explain that in the second part of the blog post!

What do you think about that? What is your opinion on electromobility? Is it possible from an engineer’s point of view? If you want, you can either write me gerhard@pramhas.eu or use the contact form.