External innovation consulting: Confidence – when the right person is doing the job

External innovation consulting: Confidence – when the right person is doing the job

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 23. September 2019


In the field of research and development, external innovation consulting is always one of those things. After all, you are bringing an external consultant into the inner sanctum of your company. To the place where your products are developed, the place where the future of your company is being built. This begs the question: How can you be confident that your know-how, in which you have already invested untold sums of money, will remain exactly where it belongs – with you?

Let me put a different question to you…

Why should my customers, whom I have known for longer than I’ve been self-employed, keep working with me time and again? How is it that I get the inside scoop on the most exciting new developments currently underway among my customers in the fields of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, and commercial vehicle construction? This question has to be addressed from two different angles.

“Innovation consulting” is not the same thing as “management consulting”

One fundamental aspect is that I am not a management consultant in the conventional sense. No, I’m not going to take away your watch and then tell you what time it is. No, I’m not just an economist who focuses only on the figures and doesn’t care much about the people who are actually “producing” the figures. And no, I don’t stroll through the factory halls, snap up a few talking points from the employees, package everything into an attractive presentation, and then explain to you what you already knew. No, that’s definitely not the way it works.

The active difference

To me, innovation consulting means rolling up my sleeves and getting directly involved! I am a management consultant with a technological background, and I’ve implemented this approach right into my everyday life. I’ll stay with you until you reap the fruits of my labour. And you will. How can I be so confident? Because up to this point, all my customers have done exactly that. As an engineer, when I work in innovation consulting, I pursue the path of increasing the domestic – in other words, your – added value. The aim is not to get the cheapest purchase price for a particular item, but to ensure that you can deliver on time, at the agreed price, with the agreed quality. I also strive to exceed my customers’ expectations. An essential component of my innovation consulting is that nothing, not one iota, ever makes its way over to other companies. I have proven this continuously in my years as a manager and even more so during my years as an independent entrepreneur.

Shared success

The decision to enlist the services of an external innovation consultant for R&D is a very difficult one for you as the managing director or owner of a company. If this is something you are considering, the only way we can identify an approach that is attractive to you is by talking with one another. Our initial conversation can also be done over the phone or on Skype (gerhard.pramhas).
Feel free to write to me at gerhard@pramhas.eu or use the contact form.