Fake News – experience report

Fake News – experience report

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 2. February 2020


You will not believe what has happened to me recently. As a project manager of a large project I was on the radar of the media. The result was a text with false information that was published in a high quality Austrian newspaper. It stated that I took a false decision and made sever mistakes. Why I finally had all the voices on my side and full support for the continuation of the project can be read in the following paragraphs.

Short backround information

All the chairmen liked my concept at the beginning of the assignment, one year ago. The resolution was unanimous, but one year later, lots of things changed. One chairman has a special relationship to one of the competitors, who did not catch the wind. The argument where I stated that the competitor was not qualified and did not submit a tender, was not enough for them. Moreover, he had an extensively good relationship with a powerful newspaper. And the rest of the story? A story, that simply no one is interested in.

Positive change

…and that is more than just one part of a good story: I can explain every step that I took. Because my quote has always been: Documentation, documentation and again documentation. That is the only chance in my job to prove my one competence, if it will get difficult. It is a tough way, but the only one, which makes you accomplish your goals. So the documentation was very good in that situation. Maybe you are interested in how the project went on. Finally, the chairmen voted by a majority in favour of my project, so the project still exists and is going on. However there still is one interesting aspect. Employees of the competitor, who is not qualified enough, are desperately interested in my project. Somehow all is not gold, that glitters.

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