For technicians: A qualification course in Ternitz

For technicians: A qualification course in Ternitz

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 23. August 2020

Technikerinnen Ternitz

It was no coincidence that I have written the blog post ,,From practitioner to developer’’ in April 2019. Even then I was working on the idea of further educating skilled workers. Together with the University for Applied Sciences Carinthia a qualification course emerged from this idea. All those, who have opted for vocational training instead of the Matura during their schooling should nevertheless be given an opportunity to study or to get a more highly qualified job in their company. Thus, not only the own qualifications will be enhanced, but also the industrial base Ternitz will be strengthened.

In the two terms qualification course, which will be held in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia, essential knowledge in German, English, Mathematics and Science will be taught. After passing the exams in these subjects, one will be qualified for a bachelor’s degree in engineering and IT at the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia. The requirement for admission to the qualification course is a relevant professional qualification, for example an apprenticeship certificate or the completion of a vocational secondary school. The admission is made by me after a previous examination of the qualification. (Information:

But why is it even important?

In the position of a development engineer one can only be successful, if there is a good team of experts, who critically examines each other’s ideas and implements them quickly and unbureaucratically. Because only, if good well thought through ideas and innovations are quickly incorporated into product development, research and development will generate sales and profits.

From the idea to the course

Emerging from these thoughts, it came to an order of the municipality of Ternitz in the year 2019. The aim is to sustainably expand the interesting industrial basis regarding to the good qualified employees. The industry, overall the mechanical engineering industry, has developed to a global-player. If the circumstances do not fit for the international concerns, they will leave the country. There is nothing new about the fact that labour costs are high in Austria. At the end of the day it is important that the prices can withstand on the world market. Now it is my turn. Together with the municipality of Ternitz I developed a concept. Apart from that, I support them in planning and realising the course, because of my long-standing expertise.

On a side note…

Ternitz will have a pioneering role. Every person, regardless of the educational level, is asked to ensure the personal success and the success of the enterprise right in front of their houses through live-long learning. On a side note, it is a huge contribution to the environmental protection. The working place is near to the home address, consumption of energy is prevented. That is nothing new for you thanks to my three mobility blogs from last year.

Do you plan activities in the field of qualification, too? Please contact me, together we can be like a good innovation project, faster at the finish line! Live-long learning is more than just a catchphrase, it is essential. That goes for everyone regardless of the educational level.