Interim Management

Interim­ management

You don’t need an outsourced consultant, instead you need someone who implements locally? My motto: collect, edit, decide, act!

Outsourced interim manager

Innovation is accompanied by innovation resistance. Classic failures during the product development: waste of resources, weaknesses in organisation or decision making or missing leadership skills. Know how has to be deployed at the right spot. Your company will benefit by consulting an outsourced interim manager.

Interim chief innovation officer

How many hours do you discuss and talk in groups until an innovation idea gets implemented? More than 2 hours? Many days or even weeks? Too long! Before you start to work with rigid models you could already have sold your product and have obtained feedback for further developments. As interim chief innovation officer I support you in short innovation processes to reach your goal rapidly.

Outsourced supplier development manager

You are of the opinion that your supplier could produce faster, cheaper and more flexible? If yes you could suggest your supplier to improve. Is there going to be a change? Probably not! You could start to work on the supplier‘s processes together as a team. As an outsourced supplier development manager I support with “Lean Production“ – with sense of processes, distance and objectivity.

Together we turn your visions into reality.
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