Investing in a company – a model for guaranteed success

Investing in a company – a model for guaranteed success

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 19. October 2017



Every day we read not only about investments that lead to enormous profits but also companies that don’t make it. Investors tend to steer clear of the latter if they realise the situation in time. Are you already toying with the idea of investing in another company, but want to minimize risk? I have developed a model for success with a no loss guarantee! Read more about it!

From preliminary research to finished product

In order to understand investments in innovations, we must first examine the history behind them. One thing becomes evident when looking at major technological processes: Whether looking at steel production, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or informatics – the technological basics currently applied in these areas are of the “old economy” and are truly archaic:

  • The most common method of steel production was invented by voelstalpine AG shortly after the Second World War. About 8 to 10 tonnes of steel are produced worldwide using the Linz-Donawitz process.
  • The semiconductor principle, which forms part of the technological base of our networked world, will soon turn 100 years old.
  • The combustion engine was also born at the end of the 19th century.
  • Even Werner von Siemens, whose work serves as the basis for many electrical applications, lived over 100 years ago.

These examples make one thing obvious: It can often take several years and even decades to go from the preliminary research to the marketing of a product. We must first analyse ideas and create concepts for their implementation. After conception comes realisation, the product is then tested and improved as required. A product can only be placed on the market after completing all phases. Once the product is marketed successfully and the incurred costs are covered, profit can be finally be made. And where does this profit go?

Investing – from the “simple” path to a win-win situation

Unfortunately, corporate profits often flow into real estate instead of start-ups or even established small enterprises that could benefit from a financial boost. But precisely there, new jobs are being created, not just for highly educated engineers. The reason for this is that real estate is often easier to calculate and income from properties is supposedly more secure. Also, investing in a start-up is still considered too risky. I believe that capital generated by means of the “old economy” should be invested not only in real estate, but also to strengthen the country’s ability to produce innovations. This leads to a classic win-win situation between investors, company owners and the public sector.

You don’t know how to pursue and implement that objective?
I would be happy to help you! I have developed a model in which the worst-case scenario leads to a zero return on the investment. In the best case, your investments will take off and you are a joint-owner of several booming small and medium-sized enterprises.

Did I spark your interest? Contact me, call me (+43 676 9560164) or make a skype-call (gerhard.pramhas)! 30 – 45 minutes is enough to check, if the model is interesting for you or not.