New challenges as interim manager

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 7. December 2016

Everything started with an interesting call. On the other side: The general manager of a small and medium-sized enterprise, who I’ve been advising for quite some time on matters of materials as well as the optimization of production processes. The new challenge: The management of the research and development department of a company with 200 employees as interim manager. The optimization of internal processes as well as the recruiting for a new manager for the department will be referred to me.

The goal: Whilst I was managing there temporarily, the department should be geared towards innovation and product development (products from the lightweight construction segment).

Interim management in detail

You are the experts of your product. But know how in a company isn’t worth anything as long as it isn’t inserted properly. Here I insert as outsourced interim manager. Read more about the strategy and my services in the field of interim management here.
You are interested in checking productions processes or you are already looking for an interim manager for R&D? Contact me here!