New welding technologies provide cost efficiency in production

New welding technologies provide cost efficiency in production

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 25. February 2022


Right now, I am working on a pretty exciting project: New welding technologies for more cost efficiency in medium-sized production facilities. What is so special about these new welding technologies? Not that much, it is only about overcoming innovation resistance, which as one knows, is a natural thing to do. You can read now how robots can be used in a meaningful way and learn first-hand from one of my recently implemented client projects.

Cost-efficient production is a matter of course in Austria. Only those who can keep up with world market prices are competitive. If the price of your product is too high, it makes no difference for your international customer whether wages, price umbrellas or welfare spending and taxes are the determining factors.

Efficiency happens in product development

If you operate in Austria, and there are plenty of good reasons to do so, cost efficiency is a must. It does not play a role whether the wages of your employees are high or low but if they are efficient. Only thus you can place your profit expectations at the price. Offline robot programming is one way to do this. However, in the end, it is always about the same: Cost efficiency happens in product development. After that, one makes use of tools such as software that programs robots offline. In this way, the robot does what it was bought for:  Welding, as much as possible without any interruptions. Sounds simple. It is simple. The close cooperation of construction, metrology, and welding technology is crucial. Constructors increasingly become welding technicians. If the construction is robot-compatible, a great deal of machinery efficiency can be achieved. If the construction is robot-noncompatible the machinery efficiency goes to zero.

Application example for the usage of new welding technologies

I was invited to deliver a lecture at the WIFI St. Pölten to explain how new welding technologies and thus an important innovation step with the help of robotics can be used. Practically, I was also keen to report on a customer project there. Read or see the whole story in the interview here.

However, one thing must not be disregarded: the implementation of your product development must go hand in hand with new welding technologies! Do you already have a person who will follow through with these innovations together with you? Let us talk about your case of application and get in touch by phone, email, or LinkedIn!