Product Development in Times of Covid-19

Product Development in Times of Covid-19

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 29. April 2020


Your business model depends on product development and you are struggling with the effects of the corona-crisis at the same time? Read about the most common mistakes and how you can optimise your product development in times of Covid-19 for free and nearly without resource effort in this blog post.

Product development is not something that you just do. Behind it, there are many complex processes, decisions, resources and most of all planning. Some of you might know something about ,APQP’. APQP is an abbreviation for ,Advanced Product Quality Planning’ – the description on Wikipedia is: ‘APQP is a continuous project management for product and quality assurance and is suitable for all phases of the product development process. The aim is to avoid errors by means of a uniform, product-related documentation structure and hierarchy, which provides the manufacturer with the necessary transparency about the manufacturing process.’ Everything understood?

Efficient or just complicated?

Do you organise your product development in the style of APQP or a similar good ,looking’ system? How much money did you invest into the implementation of these methods? Are you satisfied with the output? Is the system lived cost-effectively or did you accelerate the product development? No? That is hardly surprising me. All of the systems, howsoever they are called, make your procedures more complicated. Apart from that, you have to employ more people for the by itself not value-added processes and the profit will disappear in a flash.

Process optimisation: Online & with instant output!

The alternative to that is easy. Leave all things aside that you do not need for the net product. Now there is my offer during the crisis: I analyse your product development process right now online and for free at the moment. I develop a new process for you, which will be accepted by your employees immediately, because it is easier, than what you are doing now. If you are satisfied with the work that I have done, you will pay me an appropriate amount of money at a time, when you can afford it. If you are not satisfied, surely my work was not of no avail, but I will not bill it. We are going to talk about the circumstances before the project start. Deal? If you have any questions, you can either write me at or use the contact form.