R&D consulting

R&D consulting

Research and development are the key to a lasting and viable future for your company. Only by designing new products and successfully launching them on the market will you be in a position to meet the challenges of our time.

Product development

Product development is the key to success. You can sustain your business long-term and increase its value, but only when you keep your product offering continuously fresh and in line with the latest trends. And yes, sometimes that can be tedious – as well as expensive. But it’s well worth it. My consultancy work with respect to new products and upgrades has never failed.

Project management

Even the best product idea will not achieve the commercial success it deserves if the project management is too complex or, conversely, hardly even implemented at all. It’s all about finding the happy medium. My many years of experience and the insights I have gained guarantee that we will find the right path for you.

Research promotion

Your ideas are often more innovative and come closer to research and development than you think. Take advantage of my guidance and mitigate the risk. The research funding landscape is a multifaceted one. I guarantee that I will find the right support for you.

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