Talent Trends: Further education of the employees as a successful R&D formula

Talent Trends: Further education of the employees as a successful R&D formula

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 28. October 2019


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has recently released an interesting and extraordinary study: Talent Trends 2019. Questions like: Why do innovations of enterprises slacken? Which concerns do international CEO’s have? And which role does the further education of the employees play? were key questions. I dealt with the study in detail and would like to suggest you other blog posts on my website concerning the path to a successful R&D-Formula in different situations.

PwC summarized in the article of the Austria Press Agency on the 17th of September 2019 that the vast majority of the interviewed CEO’s fear a recession of the innovations ability and higher cost for their employees. The missing competences of the employees are seen as the cause for these trends.

The right sources for the topic ,,Further education of the employees’’

This analysis and the measures of R&D are already parts of my blog series. It should already be familiar for my followers that a decrease in the capability of innovations and an upward trend of the expenses in further education have the same basis. As written in the blog post from the 23th of January 2019 ,,Why consistency and goals alone are not sufficient to ensure a breakthrough with your innovation’’. It has already been mentioned in the blog post from the 23th of January 2019, how strongly the capability of innovation is bound with the right structures in the R&D project. If you ignore that point and only hire persons because of the salary, the capability of innovations will decline.

Therefore, it is an important question: What to do, if suitable employees are found – how can they be motivated, in order to achieve success? In my blog post from the 16th of September 2019 I wrote about the right intrinsic motivation in R&D projects and how to introduce them.

Also the path ,,From practitioner to developer’’, which I wrote about in my blog post from the 8th of April 2019, is playing an inherent part. The product developer needs not only a theoretic training but also a practical training or at least an understanding for these processes.

Using International Talent Trends for your own business

The solution that strengthens the innovation power of the enterprises as mentioned in the PwC study, is further education and retraining of the employees.

You have already found the right employees but do not know how to educate them further? If that is the case and if you want to be a salient company for your study in the Talent Trends and want to be promoted from PwC because you did well on personal management and R&D projects, I will support you on that path. I am not an extern consultant, but I will work with you in your company actively and will accompany you until you take credit for your work. My contribution will not only be good for your employees but also for your balance. You can either write me at gerhard@pramhas.eu or use the contact form.