DI Dr. Gerhard Pramhas, MBA


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DI Dr. Gerhard Pramhas, MBA

Mag. Andrea Pramhas

Our secret to your success

We often talk about “success” as if there were a single definition for it. Success has to be viewed differently for each individual and for each company.

For us, a major step towards success is when error-prone processes and issues that initially seem complex can be reduced to a minimum and rendered transparent for everyone involved.

Empathy coupled with the ability to make the right decisions in the right circumstances can turn incredible visions – YOUR visions – into reality!

Structure is the foundation

Innovation calls for structure. And not just over the short term. But how? Well, when it comes to product development, focus is the key – after all, it’s not the journey that’s the goal, it’s the result. Getting lost in the details is one of the most common mistakes in product development. Together, we’ll launch your innovative product on the market swiftly and without detours, establishing the foundation for continued development.

Our core competency

We consider close personal interaction to be the cornerstone of our approach. Fundamentally, you possess the knowledge about the potential of your products, their value, and also their shortcomings. But how can you translate that knowledge into success? Our mission is to partner with you to make that happen. After all, new challenges demand both expertise as well as a keen sense of people and their behavior, effective execution, speed, and flexibility.

In practice

On the surface, generating more sustainable revenue from research and development sounds quite simple. But the real question is how this can be realized in a company’s day-to-day operations, and contribute to long-term success. In simple terms, all phases of development need to be analyzed across the entire product life cycle, the potential for errors has to be minimized, and the product’s specifications have to be precisely defined. Let’s get started on these steps together!

Together we turn your visions into reality.
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