Technology consulting by Dr. Pramhas – a service that pays off

Technology consulting by Dr. Pramhas – a service that pays off

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 21. March 2018


Many of my free initial consultations follow a similar course of action: Callers ask what services I provide in general and what they cost. Technology consultation, in particular, is a central issue of my work as a technologically oriented management consultant and is what gives my consultation and services value in comparison to cost.

Extensive support – from research funding applications to project management

As described in my article “R&D Power: Research funding according to the 1-2-10 principle”, research funding is profitable for companies in many regards. They can establish new knowledge, the company’s continued existence is guaranteed and workplaces are secured or created. To be successful, technology companies, in particular, must constantly develop innovations and promote technology.
However, good companies only commission an external entity to apply for research funding if they are also able to implement the project without the research funding. The funding itself is just the icing on the cake. For this reason, I provide my clients not only with the application service, but always combine the funding application with project management for its implementation. This is because effective project management can save companies a tremendous amount of money. Expressed in figures, my clients make three to five times as much as my costs on average.

Affordable consulting with 20 years of knowledge

I of course know that many business owners initially consider it a risk to work with me, as a technology consultant. In comparison to buying goods, where a decision about the value of the product can be made immediately on the basis of the free market, it is normally only possible to decide whether services have been worth their price or not at a later date.
I would like to eliminate these concerns for you and let my past clients speak for me: I have been supporting companies with technical issues for over 20 years. In this time, my services have never been terminated and I have received a follow-up order from every single client.
Do you want to turn one euro into three to five euros, too? Then contact me. If you want also via phone on +43 676 9560164 or by emailing