The gamble of personnel services – worthwhile or not?

The gamble of personnel services – worthwhile or not?

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 9. November 2018


It is no longer possible to imagine our complex business world without staffing services. In contrast to contract workers, personnel service employees are employed not at the workplace but by the service company, for the performance of work during a limited period. The contract worker, for example an engineering firm, defines a job and executes it themselves.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of a personnel service provider, and what does all this have to do with innovation?

Personnel services: pros and cons

Some of the obvious advantages are the usually prompt availability of the employees and the fact that the company’s own head count is not increased. If the labour provided is good, you’ve also spared yourself the tedious recruiting process and rapidly found an employee who produces good results. If the labour is no longer needed, it’s no great effort to send the person back to the personnel leasing agency, who is then responsible for staffing further assignments. Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that the customer of the personnel service provider will not encounter any image problems if he has to dismiss employees.

On the other hand, what are the disadvantages? Admittedly, the higher the qualifications, the more challenging it is to find suitable new temporary employees. And once you’ve found them, you will then of course discover that the service provided by the personnel leasing company is not free. You should expect hefty premiums and will have to face the question of whether hiring labour via a “middleman” is worth the while. If you are satisfied with your new employee, it may be worth considering whether direct employment would be more affordable.

And now for the innovative part

Highly qualified employees increase your value since they are able to solve many different tasks in many different undertakings. This makes them superbly suited to challenging activities, which usually need to be solved at short notice. If you as a client are looking for such a person, then personnel service providers are a good point of contact. When it comes to engineering science-related tasks, there’s no way around the need for an engineering firm. Here, you have both services at your disposal: personnel leasing or work under contract.

This also represents an interesting way for employees. If you want to see the world and constantly explore new paths, if you wish to get to know various companies and thus also potential employers in a relatively short period of time, then this branch is the one for you.

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