The world of SME (small and medium enterprises) after the corona crisis

The world of SME (small and medium enterprises) after the corona crisis

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 14. February 2021


In many scopes one would ask himself: How will life be after the corona crisis? What was changed by corona and when will this ,after’ be? First and foremost: How will the situation of SMEs in Austria look like after the corona crisis?

The corona pandemic and the consequences will accompany SMEs for a long time. Eventually the crisis is going to be over or at least lose some of its significance. Sooner or later this point will be reached. However, nobody knows when that will happen.

Expedient out of the corona crisis: economic aids or natural selection?

Several SMEs get help from the state right now. The discussion, whether these aids are right or wrong, is currently in the spotlight. I have already talked about another kind of tax aid for SMEs – read more about this topic in the blog. If this help takes effect, which I hope – the question arises as to what happens afterwards. Is this economic benefit of public assistance being used to get back on its feet on a small budget, taking business away from those who pay for this assistance today? Is this just? Wouldn’t it be fairer to let the companies that have gone into financial difficulties – admittedly mostly through no fault of their own – solve them themselves? Or maybe let them disappear from the market?

What do you think about it? What are your experiences? Share your opinion with me, I am looking forward to communicating with you!