Which vehicle is most environmentally friendly? (Part 2)

Which vehicle is most environmentally friendly? (Part 2)

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 31. October 2021

umweltfreundliche fahrzeuge

The question whether a vehicle is environmentally friendly or not is not an easy one. I have already dealt intensivly with this topic in another blog post. The search for the most environmentally friendly vehicle continues on the basis of literature: You will now read why vehicle technology plays an important role.

Petrol engine, diesel engine, electric engine, hybrid motor, natural gas, hydrogen, synthetic fuel – all of them are evaluated in a study from Martin Zapf, Hermann Pengg, Thomas Bütler, Christian Bach and Christian Weindl in the book ,,Kosteneffiziente und nachhaltige Automobile‘‘. The result is not as obvious as you might think.

The internal combustion engine also has its justification

The study concludes with what I consider to be a very interesting summary: The application determines the technology. Long distances on the highway should basically still be covered with an internal combustion engine from the point of view of greenhouse gas emissions over the entire life of a car. In inner-city traffic, the electric motor is the best option, but only where the electricity is also obtained from renewable energy sources.

New strategy for CO2 reduction is needed

The strategy of states to return the revenues from the CO2 tax directly to the citizens has to be questioned. It is suggested that this money is used to support future, more environmentally friendly technologies. Both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles still have great potential in improving efficiencies.

Open field: synthetic fuel

It is rarely spoken about them in the public, but they have an enormous advantage: They are compactible with our infrastructure. In aviation, there will be no way around them and in passenger cars there is still great potential.

Our live has been shaped by petrol and diesel for a long time. In the recent years hybrid and electric motors joined them. I am fully convinced that synthetic fuel and hydrogen will play an important role in the future. How you can cope with this information in your daily life? Choose the technology that is most suitable for you!

In this context, I take a critical view on the subsidy policy in Austria. I do not understand why politicians are focusing almost exclusively on electric cars and thus forcing creation of value out of Austria. The pendulum is not swinging so clearly in the direction of electromobility. How do you see it? Again, I look forward to your opinion on this topic, feel free to write me! Also feel free to discuss on LinkedIn.