Why consistency and goals alone are not sufficient to ensure a breakthrough with your innovation

Why consistency and goals alone are not sufficient to ensure a breakthrough with your innovation

  • Posted by Gerhard Pramhas
  • On 23. January 2019

In my previous blog post, I used the example of Apollo 11 to let you in on my most important points for innovation management. But all of the points I mentioned mean nothing if you fail to take into account the crucial behind-the-scenes factor that I would like to share with you today. After all, this is the only way to make sure your innovation stays on course even after its launch.

A look behind the scenes

The documentary “Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo” gives us a peek behind the scenes of the spectacle of Apollo. Who was responsible for what? It also answers the question of which individuals in Mission Control ensured that all the Apollo astronauts made it back safely. What we can take away from this: an innovation of this type requires outstanding accomplishments and an above-average level of commitment. The question of staffing is essential, otherwise the innovation will not make it out of the starting blocks and will never break through the metaphorical wall.

(No) question of the staff

As a representative example for the entire team of 400,000 people who worked on this programme, I would like to briefly mention Eugene Francis “Gene” Kranz. He was an engineer, military and test pilot and always prioritised the functioning of the team.

Translating this to today’s world of innovation, for me this means that every single cog in the wheel is equally important when it comes to promoting innovation. The very latest machine, capable of creating ground-breaking products, will never be implemented if the sales division does not believe in this new product. No question of the staff may remain unanswered if this might later have an effect on your achievement. They bear all the responsibility for the success of the project.

How is an astronaut supposed to land on the moon if the welding technician who welds the rocket components does not have a reference person to turn to when it comes to project-related questions in his work? In just the same way, the innovation will not be successful if the call centre does not correctly transfer the call of an important potential customer.
It is always all the people in a company who play a role in its success. Just like the story of the Apollo.

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